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Christine Mitchell, RN, MS, MTS

Christine Mitchell

Contact Information

Harvard Medical School
Division of Medical Ethics
641 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 617-432-4020
Email: christine_mitchell@hms.harvard.edu

Skype: christine.mitchell.boston


M.S., Nursing, Boston University
M.T.S., Ethics, Harvard University

Christine Mitchell is Executive Director of the Center for Bioethics. She developed and runs an annual Harvard Bioethics Course, leads the monthly Harvard Ethics Consortium, teaches in the ethics fellowship program, and organized and co-chairs, with Bob Truog, the Ethics Leadership Council for the Harvard teaching hospitals and health care facilities. Her current research, with Judy Johnson and Bob Truog, is focused on evaluation of ethics consultation at Harvard hospitals (TEECH).

As a founding Board member of the Society for Bioethics Consultation and past President of the American Society for Law, Medicine and Ethics, she has been involved with ethics committees nationally and locally since the early 80s, including a Community Ethics Committee for Harvard hospitals which she organized with Carol Powers, a former ethics fellow and community volunteer.

Christine has made documentary films related to clinical ethics, including one which was nominated for an Academy Award in 1984, and a video for which she and film-maker Ben Achtenberg won a Freddie award in 2004. She has written a number of articles on ethics which have been published in the American Journal of Nursing, The Journal of Clinical Ethics, (for which she edits a quarterly series based on the Harvard Ethics Consortium), the New England Journal of Medicine, and Newsweek. Articles about her have appeared in Reader’s Digest and Yankee magazine.

Select Publications

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  • Report of the Special Committee on Biomedical Ethics (Chair, Hoffman, P., Vice-Chair, Mitchell, C.), Values in Conflict: Resolving Ethical Issues in Hospital Care. Chicago, IL, American Hospital Association, 1985. (2nd edition completed 1993)
  • Mitchell, C. “On Heroes and Villains in the Linares Drama.” Law, Medicine and Health Care. 17:4, January 1990.
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